Goals / Strategy

The aims of COPEC - Science and Education Research Organization are:

1.To promote an apprenticeship community and the development of education and sciences areas constituting in an intelligent way of collective knowledge for the integration with social and economic agents of community;

2.To establish and maintain the exchange among institutions, educators of educational institutions in Brazil and in the several countries worldwide;

3.To stimulate and to foster the efforts to bring an international perspective in education to face the global world challenges.


The organization plans to accomplish its goals by means of:

1.Current Conferences;

2.Planning segmented and united actions among schools for the development of projects of internal and external community interests;

3.Interchange programs; Research and projects of supporting;

4.To work for the creation of conditions and the means for updating, development and the permanent re-qualification of professionals of the several areas of human knowledge;

5.And other means appointed by the Organization or by an authorized organ.