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Aspects of the Study Abroad Program
Study Abroad in Brazil
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Aspects of the Study Abroad Program
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Aspects of the Study Abroad Program
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The Program includes visit to Enterprises, Universities as well as social and cultural activities, which will provide the students a great experience and discovering a different world.

The accomplishment of the program can be done in other regions of the Country in according to the needs or the desire of the group.

The Program includes Technical, Academic, Social and Cultural Activities all very important to have a real although brief, experience and to understand a little about the kaleidoscope of culture of a Country like Brazil, which historical process has generated a national identity of quite 180 million inhabitants.

All the activities are accomplished in 10 or 15 days of intensive work visiting Universities within the Academic Activities. The Technical Activities take place at the several enterprises of the largest industrial park of South America.

During the Social Activities the students have the opportunity to visit some very interesting places meeting with natives in a friendly environment. The Cultural Activities provide the students the notions of Brazil's history and art as well as the way of life.

The schedule is formatted in a way to provide them also some free time to rest and enjoy the city and all that it can offer.

The accommodations could not be better! The students stay in comfortable Flats with all the facilities, close to the beach and to the best shopping center area of the City.

The program can be done in more or less days in according to the necessities of the group;

The activities can be changed in order to fit the purpose of the group;

The minimum number of students is 15;

At the end of the program the students receives a certificate.

We have a reputation of being intense, demanding and rewarding, and of providing a challenging educational environment in a full-service framework.

Objectives of the program:

• Enhance Academic and Leadership Abilities
• Live in Different Culture
• Enhance Career Goals
• Research
• Travel
• Global Experience
• New Opportunities
• Life Enrichment

Expected results for the students:

• Dynamic addition to undergraduate career
• Long-lasting friendships
• Technical skills and knowledge
• Different cultures and histories
• Life enrichment