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Study Abroad in Portugal
Aspects of the Study Abroad Program
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Dear Colleagues

I would like to invite you to consider the possibility of offering your students a great opportunity to improve their courses, broaden their intellectual horizons, and acquire valuable cross cultural skills in a safe and learning environment.

I'm talking about the Study Abroad Program in Portugal offered by COPEC for students around the world.

Taking into account the current world, as well as the needs of students preparing themselves for their professional future the program focuses on intercultural competence, international immersion, all offering active learning through dynamic activities in order to equip students with the tools they need to address global issues.

Do not miss this opportunity to give a plus for the education of your students, providing them an excellent experience in Portugal.

The program is developed to provide them to know a bit about Portuguese culture, economy and society, touring for several academic and business environments, as well as developing cultural activities, exploring the history and experiencing the local public services.

We are sure that your students will enjoy this experience too.


Dr. Claudio da Rocha Brito